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Sarah Quent is the former President of Curiaistan.

She came to prominence when as a Palacetonian citizen, she lost out to Clive Abbot as the Palacetonian Ambassador to the NS Centrist Party.

Dear Leader subsequently chose Quent to be the Ambassador to Curiaistan (it was rumoured that she had a relationship with Dear Leader). Ironically, due to the collapse of the NS Centrist Party, Clive Abbot has now slipped out of politics while Quent's stock rises.

Her reputation preceded her on her arrival in Liberalia [1]. She was the driving force behind many of the early diplomatic events that Curiaistan was involved in, particularly with the Liberalian Treaty Organisation and the joining of the what is now known as The Liberal Party.

The death of the ex president of Curiaistan shortly after the Great Liberalian War led to a aggresive election campaign in which Latagon and Julio Trigman attempted to manipulate the results. The then Attorney General Raley was heavily involved with Latagon while Julio gave money to Quent's campaign.

Sarah Quent won the election campaign, using proportional representation, the votes were:

First round. Quent 40 Raley 32 Layde 29

Layde is knocked out and the second preference votes are redistributed. Quent 15 Raley 14

In total. Quent 55 Raley 46 [2]

Raley was arrested for attempting to corrupt the political process but was subsequently busted out of prison by Latagonian Special Forces [3]

There have also been two assasination attempts on Sarah Quent. She survived both of them but two of her decoys were killed.

The behaviour of Paul Layde at a time of sensitive negotiations with Mercuror in which Layde was caught in a honey trap and lost documents led to Quent sacking him and replacing him with Jenni Bowter.

During the second Liberalian War, Latagon said that Raley had information on Quent which could lead to her downfall. It is uncertain what this information might be.

Towards the end of her time as President, Curiaistan was rocked by scandals involving the rogue agent Roy Wast and Fred Groh involving oil in Jajiland and authorised the unsuccessful mission to lift Miria Serenoda after her temporary ostracision from the Pontanore. The Curian government suspected she knew more than she was letting on about Operation Greensloth which partly lead to the Curia-Carops Cold War.

When the Cold War degenerated into a hot war, Curiaistan was invaded on two fronts by Caropsyne and Hasadonian troops. Caught in the middle, the political leadership attempted to leave the country to go to the Curian Alpha Base. Only Quent survived and is now in a wheelchair.


A woman who brooked no arguments, chewed and spat men out every morning before breakfast. Very clever and quick witted. Perhaps slightly unpopular within the parliamentary chambers of Palacetonia because she rubbed too many representatives up the wrong way. That might have explained her loss to Clive Abbott when up for election for Ambassador to the NS Centrist Party HQ.


"And what do you think?"

"Not a lot. She seems to have gained her position through horizontal negotiation," The secretary muttered, "Certainly not a model of morality."

"How disappointing"

"Quite. The Fostana's representative will be meeting her tomorrow. I have instructed him to be as polite as possible. This woman is known to be somewhat snappy. I expect she will be quite difficult"


The Caropsyne government is glad to see that somebody is keeping Sarah Quent quiet for a while ...


"Apparently the nation of Science and Discovery have been bribing senators to ensure Quent get elected."

"What? That saggy old female canine animal? She aint even a Curia Citizen"

"With all due respect, she is. The president awarded her citizenship last week. Look, I got approached myself. Look at these polls. There is certainly a slight swing in your favour and of course with the proportional representation, you may will pick up a few 2nd and 3rd places which will enable you to overtake Quent."


"That's It," Snapped Lord Roth, "We can't have that awful Quent woman in the running. I want offshore banking accounts used to fund her opponents' campaigns. Of course, there must be no way for the Curia authorities to trace this back to Carops..."


Michelle did not react, she afterall was used to the inventive use of language employed by Sarah on a daily.... nay, minute by minute basis.


"Oh please, enough. No time for sentiment." interrupted Quent, *Christ, she thinks the suns comes out of her a£$e, wont go far unless I knock off the shine*.


Quent rolled her eyes. *let me rephrase that* thought Sarah, *not a boring sot but a drunken pedantic WASP sot.*


Shall I have our old friend JT tell how he payed Sara off? Or should I pull up the relevent areas in the Latagonian Database. We know more about your affairs than you think. Isn't that right mister Raley?

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